Creating DEM based terrains for Renders and Games

Vladimir Chopine
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This is the early release of the tutorials. I am adding more sections and you will receive notifications as soon they added to this set.  

Creating DEM or custom base terrains in World Machine. Adding details to low-resolution DEM maps. Setup exporters in WM for material distribution, mesh, normals.

Importing mesh into Substance Painter and creating PBR terrain material in Substance Painter.

Import Highfield maps into Vue and import/setup PBR material on imported terrain.

Create Highfield based terrain in Unity and setup materials from exported Substance maps.

Added: Import terrains in Terragen.

Coming soon: Import and setup for Unreal. With PBR materials.

Tutorials cover applications: World Machine, Substance Painter, Vue, Unity, Terragen, Unreal, Photoshop.

This set comes with an asset pack, that includes project files, maps, and other assets.

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Creating DEM based terrains for Renders and Games

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