Vue FX, video tutorials

Vladimir Chopine
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For a while now, people have been asking for tutorials that tie Vue into the film production pipe-line. This series of tutorials does just that. Learn how to use Vue, After Effects and Photoshop to take your home movies and professional productions to a whole new level. The topics below will be covered on this download. (see more at

1. Greenscreen

* Creating backdrop in Vue

* Importing video in After Effects

* Merging videos

2. Multi-layers and keylight animation, part one

* Creating animated layers in Vue

* Separating layers

3. Multi-layers and keylight animation, part two

* Importing layers in After Effects

* Assambling video

* Linking alpha mat information

4. Sky replacement

* Animating atmosphere in Vue

* Importing video in AF

* Masking and matching animation

5. Creating set extensions, part one

* Importing video frame in Vue

* Camera alignment

* Creating set

6. Creating set extensions, part two

* Continue building set in Vue

* Finishing building set

7. Creating set extensions, part three

* Continue building set in Vue

* Atmoshpere setup

* Setup materials

8. Creating set extensions, part four

* Camera tracking in After Effects

* Masking animation

* Final adjustments

9. Animated alphamats

* Export flame animation from Particle Illusion

* Setup Alpha plane object

* Creating animation

10. Shaking focus

* Limitations in camera animation

* Automation process

* Creating shaking focus on camera

11. Castle, part one

* Creating the matte painting

* Export images

* Matching positions

12. Castle, part two

* Building components in Vue

* Adjusting components in Photoshop

13. Castle, part three

* Advance tracking in After Effects

* Adjusting layers

* Rendering project

14. Explosions with Particle Illusion

* Exporting video

* Placement effects

* Final rendering in After Effects

15. UFO, realistic camera movements

* Setup Vue set

* Camera path and adjustments

* Motion blur, focal bluring

16. HDRI, part one

* Creating HDRI images in Photoshop

* Creating image maps for city

17. HDRI, part two

* Image-based ecosystem population

* Creating complex city

* Setup HDRI atmosphere

18. Working with Camera tracking information

* Creating camera tracking information in MatchMover

* Importing tracking in to Vue

* Understanding Vue limitations with camera trackng import and export options

19. Title

* Setup backdrop in Vue

* Creating set extention

* Blending text in original video


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Vue FX, video tutorials

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