Discovering Hexagon 2

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Discovering Hexagon 2

Vladimir Chopine
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Geekatplay (tm) Studio Hexagon Video Tutorials - Discovering Hexagon DOWNLOAD VERSION

We are excited to announce this first in a series of Hexagon DVD tutorials. This is series of tutorials will help you start working with the Hexagon application. After you complete these tutorials check our Hexagon weekly section for a more advance line, that will be releasing new tutorials weekly.

In this series you will experience the following:

1. First model with Hexagon

* Overview of controls

* Navigation and primitives

* Creating futuristic chair

2. Gear up with Hexagon

* Creating Gear

* Copy and clone

* Sweep tool

3. More primitives

* Understanding primitives

* Selecting objects

* Creating simple canon

4. Preferences and customization

* Customizing layout to way you like

* Adjusting interface

* Naming objects

5. Lines, paths and stars

* Using line tools

* Modifying line path

* Closing holes

6. Sweep the line

* Creating path for sweep tool

* Making model of stand

7. Creating simple bridge

* Working with serfice tools

* Welding points

* Creating bridge

8. Profile and shapes

* Creating objects from shapes and profiles

* Smoothing of objects

* Line and circle tools

9. Utilites

* Working with line tools to create objects

* Utilites: twist, bend and deform

* Creating colomn

10. Dynamic geometry

* Dynamic geometry tree path

* Modifying profile in tree

* Creating glass

11. Creating Flower

* Replicating and aligning

* Bending by path

* Creating flower

12. Replication and alignment

* Align object by path

* Creating chain

* One step more in your creativity

13. Creating robot

* Modeling from blocks

* Align objects

* Replication and copy

14. Materials in Hexagon

* UV and Paint

* Creating custom paint

* Shading domains

15. UV mapping

* Creating seams

* Saving UV map

* Applying map to object

16. Bumps and displacement

* Displacement brush

* Using bum brush

* Export texture image

17. Daz Studio, Hexagon bridge

* Exporting to Hexagon

* Adding morph point

* Exporting prop to Daz Studio

If you have any questions please contact us contact@geekatplay.com before making the purchase.

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