Poser Video Tutorials, Discovering Poser

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Poser Video Tutorials, Discovering Poser

Vladimir Chopine
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We are lucky to have one of the worlds most prominent poser content creator / riggers, Jared Buchanan, who has come to us from Daz 3D, leading you through the ins and outs of Poser content creation.

In this series we will cover the following:

Getting to know Poser

Understanding Poser layout


Camera manipulation

Applying preset poses

Load a preset pose

Library navigation

Saving pose dots

Customizing poses

Loading poses for body components

Pose dots

Saving modifie

d poses

Applying clothing to a figure

Applying clothing to model

Adjust clothing to non-standard models

Fit the model

Adjusting clothing to fit model

Adjusting settings for clothing to fit model

Cloth manipulation

Loading pre-made hair

Loading premade hair

Applying settings to fit model

Customize hair

Customizing hair settings

Understanding the hair object

Time to color the hair

Facial expressions

Loading facial expressions

Manipulation with expressions

Saving presets

Face room

Applying custom face material

Mapping face shapes

Customizing avitars


Loading props

Adjusting figure to fit props

Linking objects

Importing models

Importing models in to poser

Applying textures to models

Saving newly created models


Loading supporting images

Setting up sets

Rendering full scene


Animating models

Animating models

Creating animation from preset poses

Exporting animations

Creating model animations

Export animations to other applications

Content managment in poser

Loading new content with out installers

Archiving and moving existing content

Understanding file structure in poser

Are you new to the Poser application or just wanting to round out your basic skill set? This DVD is specifically designed to accelerate your learning.

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